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Tutoring is defined as the act, art, or process of imparting knowledge and skills. In the last one hundred years the term tutor, especially in Western Countries, has closely been identified as an individual who works with a single child or small group of children as opposed to a teacher who tends to manage with larger numbers of students. Tutoring has further been distinguished from early stage education and development. It is now viewed as a separate vocation focused almost entirely on academics. Most academic-oriented tutors work with children K through 12 and beyond while parents or Nannies and caregiver services tend to focus on development of infants and young children. Individuals from both groups may still act as tutors and manage developmental activities during a child's early years.

Academic tutoring takes on a variety of different classifications, peer tutoring, age tutoring, certified tutors and tutoring by certified teachers. Many tutors work one on-one with students while others work with three or four students at a time.

The ability of the tutor to impart knowledge, may have less to do with the age or experience level of the tutor and more to do with individual attention and the ability to create learning strategies in a student. Good tutors follow the student, not the curriculum.

Home School Nannies

Homes schooling Nannies have a degree in education. The teacher's job is to supervise and teach the children during the hours the parents set, following closely guidelines of the parents, teachers are generally allowed a great deal of freedom in choosing teaching methods and daily plans. While not completely responsible for the educational experience, the teacher would be there to enhance it and to make sure that the children go throughout their day smoothly while providing a dynamic and unique educational program.


Homes schooling gives children a healthy appreciation and respect for learning based on the approach chosen for the child's learning style. Home Schooling Nannies are there to supervise, nurture, teach, and tutor, not to oversee the entire process, and that the parents will have the final say.