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How To Find a Full Time Nanny

Hiring a Full Time Nanny is a wonderful option if you are looking for broad, comprehensive, safe at home child care. Full Time Nannies can help your children get off to school in the morning, can greet them when they finish their school day and bring them to practice and play-dates. They can also encouraging good citizenship, positive behavior and study habits as well as proper dress and hygiene from your children.

When you hire a Full Time Nanny, you are creating a personal bond that involves you, your children, and your Nanny. Before the interviewing process, outline in detail the schedule you will need your Nanny to follow and exactly what role you expect your Nanny to fill. These should be laid out in detail within a Nanny work agreement. To find the right Nanny for the job, you will have to be both honest and realistic in your expectations for what duties you think and expect your Nanny should handle.
Negotiate a fair salary and make sure that your potential Nanny is comfortable with the salary and expectations.

One important thing to remember when you are looking for a Full Time Nanny is that you are not hiring a housekeeper or a personal assistant. That is, of course, unless you specify that you are interested in hiring someone willing to fill more roles than child care itself.

When you hire a Full Time Nanny, you are hiring a dedicated child care professional.

Nannies may hold a degree in early childhood education, may be healthcare professionals, or may be experienced Nannies who have decided to make a career out of bringing up children. For a talented, creative individual, working as a provider of child care can be a challenging and rewarding career. Make sure that you are ready to welcome someone offering to provide child care for your children. Most Full Time Nannies will expect to work a 25-40 hour week and you should negotiate a work agreement that includes rules for overtime, time off, vacation, etc.

If you want your Nanny to perform duties beyond in-home child care, such as light cleaning or meal preparation, to run errands or help you with at-home duties, make sure that your Nanny has enough to time beyond actual child care duties to finish the tasks you expect. And when it comes to overtime or extra work your Nanny should be given extra compensation.

A Full Time Nanny is not only a talented caregiver, but also should be a family friend for life. Be fair and honest with your Nanny. From working out the work agreement to watching your children grow, it is extremely important to build a trusting relationship with your Nanny, one that will last you and your children a lifetime.

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