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Testimonials and reviews of Nany Poppinz Childcare Services
Testimonials and reviews of Nany Poppinz Childcare Services
Testimonials and reviews of Nany Poppinz Childcare Services

Testimonials and Comments

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Welcome to the Nanny Poppinz Customer/Users Testimonials page. Nanny Poppinz does not persue testimonials but as we serve over 30,000 families many of these families have come forth and provided testimonials. While the majority of the testimonials are short in length some people have taken the time to provide lengthy testimonials. The attached list of testimonials are ones that we are particularily proud of from a Nanny Poppinz company. Each of our agency offices also have their own webpages and their own list of testimonials. Thank you for looking and considering Nanny Poppinz to be your Nanny child care provider.

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We currently employ 6 Nannies. When we had 2 Nannies unexpectedly walk out on us at the same time another Nanny went full time at another job – and then we decided to create the 6th Nanny position – we found ourselves looking for 4 Nannies all at one time. I had previously used another Nanny agency, but I did not want to sign their new contract that requires up front payment + a fee whether you find a Nanny through their agency or not. So, I was a little hesitant about calling another agency – however, one of our Nannies recommended Nanny Poppinz. First of all, Nanny Poppinz requires NO up front fee. In fact, Nanny Poppinz never requires any kind of fee at all UNLESS you find your Nanny through their agency. This gave me the ability to continue searching on my own as they were searching for Nannies for us. Steve actually came out to meet us and our children. He took the time to understand our rather difficult situation, and he really seemed to care about finding us the right Nannies. When we would interview a Nanny he had sent over who did not meet what we were looking for, he would make note of that and he would not send out the same issue in another individual. Although I continued looking on my own the entire month it took us to fill the positions, 3 of the 4 Nannies I hired were through Nanny Poppinz. The Nanny Poppinz candidates were pre-screened to the point that I knew when a Nanny Poppinz candidate arrived, I needed to take notice because they were going to be good. They might not be the right person for MY job, but I knew that if Steve was sending them, it would be a person that he could see IN my household. If we had a problem, Steve was on it immediately. And what is so nice that, even if Steve is unavailable for whatever reason, you can always call the national number and Tracy is so nice and so willing to help. If we ever find ourselves in the Nanny hiring position again, we will not even bother looking on our own next time. We will leave it completely up to Steve & Nanny Poppinz. We will also recommend Nanny Poppinz to everyone we know, as it is the most honest & professional agency out there!
- Rick & Cara R. of Austin, Texas.

My overall experience with Nanny Poppinz™ South Broward was exceptional. I found the staff to be experienced and truly caring by sending me candidates tailored to my needs. The candidates were sent within a very short time after contacting the agency and each was professional, highly qualified and truly motivated to work with children. For a working mom such as myself, I found that my needs were listened to and the candidates mirrored what had been requested. What is promised by the agency is delivered and the agency continues the search until your candidate is right. I would highly recommend Nanny Poppinz™ of South Broward to anyone in need of highly qualified nannies with experience and at a reasonable price. They are so committed to the right ethics and integrity that you are not charged until you are completely satisfied with your search.
- Veronica, South Broward, Florida

After having my first child, my husband and I went on a search for a Nanny. We first used a web-based service instead of an agency. Interestingly enough, while those services claim to be more cost-effective, in the end, the agency we used (Nanny Poppinz™) was more of a money-saving and stress-reducing decision. Using the web-based service, we interviewed at least ten people and had to buy background checks whenever someone came close to making the cut. However, when we used Nanny Poppinz™, there was no setting up appointments, no missing work, no phone calls to set up appointments, and no background checks. The agency called us and set up the appointments after sending us the resumes of Nannies that fit our requests. After four interviews, we found the perfect Nanny, whom we still employ. I was so impressed with the process that I have told all of my friends to use Nanny Poppinz™ when looking for a Nanny.
- Courtney L of Richmond, Virginia

I first met Ms. Maldonado at The All About Kids Children Show that is held at the Broward Convention Center. She had a booth set up and was passing out information on her company. I was very impressed with the information she gave me, but was not in need of nanny at this time. It wasn't until approximately less than a year later, I had a friend ask me about a Nanny, that I found the card. I was so pleased with the service that my friend got that I decided to try Nanny Poppinz™ myself. She allowed me to interview as many candidates as I wanted. The candidates were very qualified. What stood out the most about the candidates were they had made a career out of being a Nanny because of their love for children and not because they weren't qualified to do other things. It was really hard to choose which candidate I wanted because they were all so good. As time went on, I built a relationship with Deneane and she helped me with all kinds of needs. When my Nanny went on vacation she sent me temporary replacement. I later moved to two different states and she even helped me find help there. She has helped me find a driver to drive my family on vacation in a RV and provide us with security. When I moved back to Florida and needed a Nanny immediately she picked up the Nanny and personally brought her to me to interview, and when I chose her, she turned around and took the Nanny home so she could get her belongings and brought her back to me. Deneane knows me so well that it only takes one candidate for me to interview and I am pleased with them. Overall I have been extremely pleased with Nanny Poppinz™. Being the wife of a Professional Football Player, I am very selective of who I bring into my house. Every nanny that has ever walked in my house, be it for an interview or to work, has been very professional and private. They did not come in being star struck and asking for autographs. They never shared any of our personal life information with anyone, especially delivery men that came to our house. I would recommend Nanny Poppinz™ to anyone. I feel you would be very pleased with all of their services.
- Tarnesia O. Gardener, Coral Springs, Florida

We found a great Nanny through Nanny Poppinz while staying at the St Regis in Ft Lauderdale this past week, and I'm hoping I can repeat the great experience while at the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World on International Drive in Orlando. I have 3 children, aged 5, 4, and 2. I need a Nanny for all 3 on Wednesday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday evening. On Wednesday evening, the Nanny will be helping my husband with baths and dinner and bedtime with the 3 kids. On Friday and Saturday evening my husband and I will be attending formal Convention dinners, so the Nanny will be taking care of the kids on her own (though my husband and I will help with baths/prepping dinner so that she really only has to play with them and then put them to bed.) Someone fun, loving, and energetic would be great. We had Helene in Ft Lauderdale and the kids just loved her.
- Tricia J. Los Altos, California

I have recently had the privilege of working with Sara, of Nanny Poppinz™ in Scottsdale, Arizona. She and her able staff did an amazing job of organizing and overseeing a unique annual conference which included thirty children from 6m-15 yrs from assorted families of the group attendees. As a mom of two children she has the passion and understanding of what children's needs are all about and what makes them (and equally important, the parents) happy. Sara, a veteran in the child care industry, was a neophyte in management of large groups of unrelated children. She thoughtfully planned a daily agenda for kids of all ages which included supervised field trips, team activities, rest time and many other educational but fun things for the children to do . She carefully selected her team of Nannies to include specialists in infant care, emergency medical care and even some with multilingual skills. She and Nanny Poppinz™ would certainly be my choice for any similar project in the future!
- Debbie B of Scottsdale, Arizona

I just want to thank you for getting such a wonderful Nanny for us. Hayley is a gem and it was great how much we had in common. Our little girl is so good I knew she was not going to be a problem and I felt very relaxed knowing she was in good hands. I was thought your service was great and will definitely use you the next time we are in town.
- Amy P of Ames, Iowa

We recently moved to Virginia in August 2007 and at the time had two children ages 2 and 1. After we moved I realized we were pregnant with our third child and now I would need some help. I was looking for a full time Nanny to help care for our children. I looked into a couple different agencies in Richmond and had no luck. While at my physicians office I found an advertisement for Nanny Poppinz™ and contacted Kathy Worley. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism. Kathy went above and beyond to help find someone for us. We interviewed three wonderful candidates and ended up hiring the very first one! Our Nanny has been with us for 6 months and we couldn't be any happier. I would highly recommend Nanny Poppinz™ for anyone looking for either part time or full time help. Thank You!
- Courtney S of Richmond, Virginia

It is with great pleasure that we send you a superior letter of reference regarding the services we have experienced with your Nanny Poppinz™ Agency. We have used your Nanny's over the course of a few years now & have been more than pleased every single time. Whenever we are having a special event or need a sitter for anything you are only a phone call away. Your services are above professional & are one of the most important resources a family & parents could have. It is vital to trust who you are leaving your children with and with your agency and staff it is never a problem at all. I hope many more families get to experience your great services and we are so thankful to have you when we need you.
- Ashley Family, Weston,Florida

We had a really fantastic experience. Our babysitter/nanny was excellent and service was really great. Thanks to Jaime and her Orange County California team! I will definitely recommend the service to anyone who is in need of childcare! - Christine, Mequon, Wisconsin

"Our experience with Nanny Poppinz™ has exceeded our expectations. The selection of a nanny, especially one who lives-in, is an extremely stressful process. Nanny Poppinz™ is extremely considerate of this and does everything in their ability to provide you with support throughout the interview and selection process. The agency performed the initial interviews with the candidates, appropriate background checks, reference checks and provided for infant/child CPR certification. Nanny Poppinz™ was then able to provide us with several qualified candidates, along with their resumes and references, for our consideration. They did not simply provide us with a general list of available applicants, they helped guide us based on their impressions of the candidates as to who they felt were best suited to our family and to our family’s needs. It is this aspect of Nanny Poppinz™ that we were most impressed by. We have worked with other nanny placement services before. This is the first that actually takes the needs, personalities, strengths and weaknesses of both the family and nanny into consideration. This is a truly unique service............and have since recommended their services to many friends and acquaintances."
- Block Family, Miami, Florida

Our experience with Nanny Poppinz™ has been terrific. They were very professional and responded quickly to our questions. We had been looking many different ways for the "right" nanny for two years through many different avenues, but we never could find the right fit. Within weeks of our first conversation, we had three great candidates to interview. We chose one of them and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a loving and responsible caregiver. The candidates were all well-suited to our family's personality and needs, and each came with excellent experience and references. Nanny Poppinz™ turned what had previously been a huge chore into a smooth and simple process.
- Oakland County Family, Birmingham, Michigan

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the service that you provide! As a business professional, I travel quite frequently and it really puts my mind at ease to be able to call Nanny Poppinz™ for a reliable nanny who has already been screened. The sitter that I was provided was INCREDIBLE! She quickly bonded with my daughter and they had the BEST time. Nanny Poppinz™ is indeed a top notch service that I highly recommend.
- Webster Family, Atlanta, Georgia

I just had to take a moment to express to you my thankfulness for having found your help and expertise. As you know I am the mom of two wonderful little boys that I have never had to leave with anyone other than my husband. I would schedule all of my time away from my children around my husband’s schedule. Recently I have had a lot of health problems which have lead me to needing some pretty intense therapy. I was so worried, for the therapy schedule conflicted with my husband’s schedule. I personally would never dream of taking my children to a location in which they become a number amongst many children. I knew in my heart my only choice was to find a Nanny. I searched the internet and found the “Nanny Poppinz™” web site. Your motto “Created by Moms for Moms” certainly caught my heart and eye. Your caring and prompt personality made me feel secure about my choice. I must admit the first day we used your services I felt very uncomfortable about leaving my children, until Briana walked into our home. Her immediate attention was focused on the children, and they immediately felt comfortable and loved by her. We knew Briana was only for one day until you found a more permanent Nanny, and this had us absolutely beside ourselves. We felt for sure that the perfect Nanny had already gone. Then on the second day we used your service Julie arrived at our home. I don’t think I can even begin to tell you how absolutely wonderful she is. She is “ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN” in a loving, nurturing and caring way. Her demeanor is calm and focused. My children our calm and focused upon my arrival home, which is a huge deal for my very active little guys. You have found the perfect Nanny for our family and home! You gave me exactly what I wanted, and what is exceptionally remarkable is that you did it in such a short time! This tells me that you really have a fantastic staff and a very well run organization. I have been telling all the Moms I meet that using Nanny Poppinz™ is definitely the perfect choice! Thanks again from the bottom of all our hearts,
- Joann S of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Professional, thorough, reliable and responsive are just a few words I would use to describe my families experience with Nanny Poppinz™. As a new mom and busy attorney I depended on this organization to be honest, direct and selective. After meeting several outstanding candidates we hired our current nanny whom has been with our family since January 2008. Although I admit to once being a skeptic, Nanny Poppinz™ has made me a believer. I strongly recommend this organization.
- Straley Family, Atlanta, Georgia