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Nanny Poppinz has provided Nanny Services to over 52,000 families over the last 29 years.
We are successful because we deliver on our promise to solve your families childcare situation. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of the United States where we have an agency you can count on us to work hard on your behalf.

Customized Nanny Services!
We customize our Nanny Services to meet your family's unique childcare needs with a Nanny with whom we have had a face-to-face interview . We provide Nanny Services ranging from a 4 hour per week Mother's helper to a full-time live-in Nanny, and from a 4 hour baby sitter to a professional Nanny. At Nanny Poppinz™ our customer service is UNMATCHED. We do all the work for you so you don't have to interrupt your busy life to solve your childcare needs. Our state-of-the-art Nanny finder software sorts through thousands of Nanny applicants to find the best Nanny candidates for your individual family's needs. We schedule the Nanny interviews (permanent and part time positions only) for you around your busy schedule and follow-up to get feedback from you after the Nanny interviews to further refine our Nanny search process as needed.
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Childcare concerns do not always arise from 9-5 during the week. To help fill your need, Nanny Poppinz™ operates a Nanny Poppinz National Call Center 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 1-877-262-6694, including holidays and can dispatch a Nanny any time of day or night

Our NO FEE Policy
Nanny Poppinz does not charge a fee of any kind UNTIL we provide you with the Nanny of your choice.
After Nanny selection, then and only then is any payment due to Nanny Poppinz. So let us help you with your child care and we promise that we will try our best to deliver on our promises to you. Choose Nanny Poppinz today!
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