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Nanny Share

There are several ways to share a Nanny. Perhaps you would like the mornings free? Share with a family wanting childcare in the afternoon, leaving the Nanny an hour or so in the middle of the day to travel between homes. If you just want a day, or two, or three, you can share with a family which wants help on the days that you don't.

Lastly, if you are working full-time, but cannot afford the quality of childcare you would like by employing a Nanny, you can team up with another family and the children can play together-in your home or the other child's-all day, everyday.

Note, though, full-time shares really work best when each family has just one child.


  • Not only do you share the responsibility of her salary with another family, but also the tax and health insurance, which can be a sizable chunk from your already taxed income.
  • What's more, you will only be paying a share of her holiday and vacation pay-that's a bonus, surely isn't it?
  • If you are sharing on a full-time basis, your child has a playmate.
  • If you are employing a Nanny because you need time to yourself, your child benefits from you getting all the things you need to do DONE and thus being more relaxed to play LEGOs when you are together!
  • In sharing a Nanny's week with another family, you are only paying for what you need.


  • Yes, one family will have to make childcare arrangements if the shared Nanny is on vacation at the same time as the other family.
  • If you are sharing on a full-time basis, one of you may occasionally have to make alternative arrangements if one child is ill-you may be happy to share colds and even those childhood illnesses like chickenpox, but few parents want the flu passed around. Even the daycare centers and schools ask that you do not expose a child with the flu to the others for at least forty-eight hours. But anyway, if your child is ill, you may prefer to be with him anyway.

Ins and Outs

Firstly, you could ask your friends -- and ask them to mention it to other moms they may know. moms who are fairly flexible find shares pretty quickly, but even those who have specific requirements can find a share within a few months -- often with one of those flexible Moms!

Some do's and don'ts

  • Do check the type of Nanny you both want a young little thing full of life or a not so young but full-of-experience (grand)mother figure?
  • Do think about who is going to take responsibility for sorting out tax filing. Will you pay separately or does one family pay the other?
  • Don't share with a family living too far away
  • Do be punctual, it is easier to mess up the whole arrangement if the Nanny is late from one family to another
  • Do talk about mutual views on childcare and talk with the Nanny
  • Do interview the Nanny yourself, don't rely entirely on the other family's judgment.
  • Do sit down, take notes of what you both want, and write it into the Work Agreement Nanny Poppinz™ will provide.