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Mothers Helpers

Mother's Helpers tends to be younger and less experienced than a Nanny. A Mother's Helper essentially helps out a stay-at-home parent or a family needing extra help while they are home. A Mother's Helper mostly works under some supervision to handle all aspects of child care, errands, easy meal preparation and light house work pertaining to the children.

Day-to-day duties may vary with a Mother's Helper, as the more accurate job description will be to "perform duties as per the family's needs." This job is very flexible, may be either part-time or full-time, live in or live out, and may be an hourly or salaried position.

Typically, the role of a Mother's Helper is held by young women who may aspire to move into other child care positions in the future.

A growing use of a Mother's Helper is for parents who telecommute (work from home), home-school children, or have a home-based business. While a Mother's Helper usually has babysitting experience, no qualifications are required to perform the job. Nanny Poppinz™ does give these Nannies CPR and first aid training.