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Summer Nannies

summer and travel Nanny and child care servicesFamilies hire a Nannies for the summer because kids are out of school for the summer and aren't old enough to be left home alone all day. During the school year it is easier for parents to coordinate activities or after-school care for their child for a few hours, in the summer it is a different story. Kids can go to day camps or classes throughout the day during the summer but if both parents are employed, getting the kids to and from these activities can be a challenge. This is why many parents rely on hiring a summer Nanny to take care of these issues.

A Summer Nanny may travel with the family and care for the kids while the parents do activities separate from their children. It is an ideal situation for a family that can afford a summer Nanny for this specific reason. One plus in being a summer Nanny is that often the children under your care are school aged children and are a bit more independent and interactive than younger children and babies, which can make for a really fun summer for both the Nanny and the children!

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A Summer Nanny does the same things that a Nanny who is employed year-round does either part-time or full-time. A Summer Nanny will be responsible for the children in her care and the bulk of her Summer Nanny responsibilities will revolve around making the summer fun and safe for the children, keeping the children busy by taking them to various activities such as sports lessons or games, music lessons, arts and crafts classes or any other extra-curricular activity the child may be participating in. A Summer Nanny will most likely be doing summer academic work with the children in her care. This helps keep the child current on anything learned throughout the past school year and will help keep them prepared once school begins again.

As far as housekeeping goes, a Summer Nanny will most likely be responsible for some light housekeeping, mostly keeping up after the children. Since the majority of Summer Nanny positions are to care for children who are out of school and a bit more independent, a Summer Nanny can have the children in her care complete some simple chores on their own, such as making their own beds and putting their dishes in the dishwasher, based on what the parents want done.