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After-School Care Nannies and Childcare

An after school Nanny can make sure the children get home safely from school, prepare them a healthy snack and get them started on their homework until mom or dad gets home. An after school Nanny may shuttle the children to after school activities the children may be involved in, and then makes sure they get home safely after their activities.

After school and After Care childcare and Nanny services. Find childcare for after school. Sitters and in home services

All Nannies Are

* CPR/First Aid trained and AED trained
* are over the age of 18
* legal to work in the United States
* have the minimum of the three years childcare experience
* are fully background checked
* and are very well qualified to be with your children.

The Nanny can guide children with whatever after school activity parents have scheduled for the children. If the Nanny will be transporting children we also do a complete driving (DMV) check on the Nanny. We do ask for the parents to have a car for the Nanny to use, or to cover the expenses to Nanny incurs on her personal vehicle, including proper coverage for commercial vehicle use and the cost of gasoline.

All of this is the absolute extreme of how things could turn out, in our 19 years of Nanny referrals we have never heard of a single case going to this level (or even of a claim being denied) but it is all a possibility.

That is why it is always safer for the Nanny to drive the family owned and family insured vehicle for transporting the children.

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Nanny Poppinz does not charge a fee of any kind UNTIL we provide you with the Nanny.
After a Nanny is provided, then and only then is any payment due to Nanny Poppinz. So let us help you with your child care and we promise that we will try our best to deliver on our promises to you. Choose Nanny Poppinz today!


Trusted and respected by both Nannies and agencies worldwide, the International Nanny Association is an excellent recource to resource and evolve your skills as a Nanny. Joining as a Nanny has several benefits, including professional networking opportunities and a Nanny mentor program.

The International Nanny Association recently prepared a response to this issue: When a Nanny transports children as part of her job requirements it is considered "on the job" or business travel. She would need to talk to her insurance agent and question them about increasing her coverage. If an accident occurred and she did not secure this additional coverage, the insurance company could refuse to pay the claim when they found that the Nanny's employer directed her, as part of her job duties to transport her charges. It is so much safer to be sure than sorry. In many cases that additional premium that she pays for business use of her car could be covered by her employer. If the children were passengers and were injured in an accident in the Nanny's car, and the insurance company denied the claim (use of the car was not reported honestly) then the benefits would not kick in for the children's medical needs either. The family could possibly even sue the Nanny for not taking care of this detail. After all it is her responsibility since she knew what the job requirements were.

Pat Cascio, President
International Nanny Association