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Looking for a Live In Nanny?

Everyone thinks that they want a live in Nanny. However, live in Nannies are very hard to find and when you examine some of the drawbacks of a live in Nanny often it is best to try a full time live out Nanny.

Our Nannies are always:

  1. certified in CPR/AED
  2. qualified in first aid
  3. and have extensive training or experience in child care and development.

The word Nanny conjures up a British view of a full time Nanny. Well there are some of them around but most American Nannies that work on a full time basis are live at home rather than with the family Nannies. The family would like a full time at home Nanny (families like the idea of having the Nanny available 24 hours a day) but today's Nannies tend to work with a contract and thus even if in the child care home cannot or will not work more than a normal week. This makes sense as they want a life of their own and do not want to get into overtime situations with the family. When you think about what the family must do......they must provide quarters and food for live in Nanny services...... often clearly thinking about what a family gives up in money and privacy to a live in Nanny will convince the family to consider a full time live out Nanny.

Nannies are paid directly by the families.  From the Nannies prospective they wish a full time family and job but have their own family and often prefer to live at home and work 40 hours a week. They are often willing to work more than 40 hours but if you are a live out Nanny they have more say in how that will happen.

The much safer route is the full time live out Nanny

In our experience it is very difficult, even with all of our many Nanny applicants, to find a live in Nanny and even when we can find one there are often difficulties that arise. The much safer route is the full time live out Nanny and there are many many more of those to chose from.

The bottom line is, from the family prospective, make sure that you really want and need a full time live in Nanny. You will generally find that a competent live out Nanny best serves your purposes.

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