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Child care can come in assorted kinds and with differing costs. Other than child care provided by a family member child care has costs. Nannies are a unique form of child care who generally provide child care in the home and are well qualified in child care.  Nannies, themselves, come in a wide choice of capabilities and wide costs. Nanny Poppinz deals in the "medium" to high end Nanny Nanny costs and our Nannies have at a minimum:

  1.  Three years of child care experience
  2.  Are CPR, AED and first aid trained
  3.  Three years of verified work experience
  4.  Are legal to work in the U.S.

Sometimes a family has a requirement for a high end Nanny. This is a Nanny that starts to approach a governess.

There are two sides to a high end Nanny

  1. First is that they usually have previous experience working for high end families which is often in the entertainment or sports profession. This requires a Nanny versed in protecting the privacy of the family. While Nanny Poppinz expects this trait in all our Nannies working for a major movies star or sports star requires an "all in" attitude regarding privacy.
  2. The second side of a high end Nanny is their salary expectations which exceed those of a "normal" Nanny. High end Nannies often accompany the families on vacations and other requested tasks and activities. It can be an exciting life for a child care specialist.

Nanny Poppinz specializes in corporate child care services and at the present time does stadium child care for 5 professional sports teams. Often we are called upon to provide Nannies for individual families that play for the respective teams.

Nanny Poppinz can provide high end Nannies and ALL of our Nannies are well qualified.

Our Nannies are available covering 4 hours to full time and both the live in Nanny and live out Nanny.

Our NO FEE Policy
Nanny Poppinz does not charge a fee of any kind UNTIL we provide you with the Nanny of your choice.
Upon Nanny service, then and only then is any payment due to Nanny Poppinz. So let us help you with your child care and we promise that we will try our best to deliver on our promises to you. Choose Nanny Poppinz today

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