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An on call Nanny is a prearranged situation with a family that has child care in the home but wants to make sure that should that child care not be there they have access to replacement child care on short notice. Everyone gets sick or has problems that arise. The family that has a child care solution will have the replacement problem arise. If there is no prearranged child care solution than the family must go into scramble mode to fill the gap.

Our Nannies are always:

  1. certified in CPR/AED
  2. qualified in first aid
  3. and have extensive training or experience in child care and development.

Nanny Poppinz offers on call Nanny or child care service anytime because whatever your current arrangement situations will arise that will cause a child care problem. Nanny Poppinz will provide a Nanny backup for any current situation that a family has with child care. While we cannot always guarantee the same Nanny we can guarantee a Nanny on short notice and if you apply for an on call Nanny from Nanny Poppinz we promise a solution to whatever comes up in your child care situation. Often it can be the same Nanny because that is what we try to do. Normally what would happen is that the family wanting an on call Nanny would request such services and working with Nanny Poppinz would take care of the paper work. After the first use, and if the family was happy with the Nanny, Nanny Poppinz would endeavor to send that same Nanny on a follow on request. 

Nanny Poppinz pledges to solve your child care problems.

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