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School "Holiday" Childcare

Concern over school-aged children being home alone when parents have to work has spurred many parents to seek alternative ways for their children to constructively spend their time during the gap between those vacation days in compared to a families' work hours. Often there is a snow day or just a school day off for some reason and these tend to difficult days to find child care.

We offer childcare for school age children that are off for school vacation days or "teacher work days". We customize our services to meet the needs of each family, our Nannies can handle this in a variety of way, they can be there one-on-one with the child or can offer fun and excitement for children during their vacations or days off from school. Our Nannies are fully capable of taking small groups of 2-4 children per Nanny on outings to the local zoos, Amusement Parks, Museum, Library, Swimming pool or any other place the parents find appropriate.

Nannies can play an important role in children's development by caring for them when parents are at work or away for other reasons. In addition to attending to children's basic needs, Nannies organize activities and implement curricula that stimulate children's physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. They help children explore individual interests, develop talents and independence, build self-esteem, and learn how to get along with others.

Children enjoy learning through play. Nannies recognize this and capitalize on children's play to further language development (storytelling and acting games), improve social skills (working together to build a neighborhood out of Leggos), and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts (balancing and counting blocks when building a bridge or mixing colors when painting). Often a less structured approach is used to teach young children, including small-group lessons, one-on-one instruction, and creative activities such as art, dance, and music. Nannies play a vital role in preparing children to build the skills they will need in school.

Helping to keep children healthy and safe is another important part of the job. Nannies serve nutritious meals and snacks and teach good eating habits and personal hygiene. They can ensure that children have proper rest periods based upon the wished of the parents.