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What the Family Provides


It is required by law that you pay Social Security, Medicare, and Federal unemployment taxes on all household employees. You must also withhold federal and state taxes. Depending on where you live, you may also be liable for state unemployment and/or disability taxes. Call your local IRS and State Department of Labor for more information. We require our Nannies to provide us with Social Security numbers and also proof of employment eligibility for working in the United States. This allows you to use the Nanny's salary towards the credit for child and dependent care expense (Federal form 2441). Many companies also have provisions for allowing you to take child care money in pretax dollars. Consult your accountant for complete information and to see if you qualify.

Work Hours

A work schedule should be made and reviewed by the Nanny and family before employment begins. It should be clear to the helper as to when you expect her to be "on duty" and "off duty". Two days are given off each week (it is highly recommended that one of these days be Sunday). Clarify with your helper when she may have evenings off, curfews, and when she may be needed to baby sit. If you have a highly variable schedule or one/both parents do extensive traveling, this should also be discussed in advance. Paid vacation of two weeks, as well as 5 major holidays is also customary.

Health Insurance

Many Nannies desire health insurance. We can provide you with information on group rates. This is a matter which can be negotiated between the Nanny and the employer (family). Use of automobile, telephone, and television should be discussed prior to beginning work. Visitor policy should also be discussed before employment begins. Upon hiring a Nanny through our agency, a sample "work agreement" will be made available for your use. You may modify this contract to suit your particular needs. Please feel free to consult with us regarding any of these issues. We have many years of experience and will be happy to assist you.