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(202) 470-2723
Suite: 604
Washington DC, District of Columbia 20006

Contact Info
(202) 470-2723 Suite: 604
Washington DC, District of Columbia 20006

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Local Nanny agency and services in Washington DC District of Columbia
Local Nanny agency and services in Washington DC District of Columbia
Local Nanny agency and services in Washington DC District of Columbia

Washington DC Services
See all the professional Nanny referral services we offer here at Nanny Poppinz of Washington DC . From Live In Nannies to Part Time Nannies, Full Time Nannies, Household and Domestic Staffing and After School Child Care, Nanny Poppinz of Washington DC referrers and places only the best Nannies. All Washington Nannies are background checked and CPR certified. Unlike other Nanny agencies, we personally interview each and every Nanny we refer to you. See our professional services listed below and contact us today for full details. For all Nanny services -> Nanny Services

>Full Time Nannies and Childcare Services
Hire a Full Time Nanny today - Hiring a Full Time Nanny is a wonderful option if you are looking for broad, comprehensive, safe at home child care. A Full Time Nanny is not only a talented caregiver, but also should be a family friend for life. Be fair and honest with your Nanny.
>Live in Nanny and Childcare Services
Hiring a Live-In Nanny may be a wonderful option if you are looking for full-time, in-home child care. Live-In Nannies can help your children get off to school in the morning, can greet them when they finish their school day and bring them to practice and play-dates. They can also make your evening comfortable and positive by encouraging good study habits and proper hygiene from your children.
>Part Time Nannies and Childcare Services
A part-time Nanny generally works under 25 hours per week. That will definitely be convenient for you if you work part-time yourself, or if you need someone to take the kids off your hands while you are pursuing other goals and activities, either inside or outside the Nannies often have families and children of their own to look after between part-time jobs, or they may be students who work part-time for extra income.
>Live-Out Nannies, Childcare Providers and Duties
Live-Out Nannies often work 8 to 10 hour days. Generally responsible for all aspects of childcare during their working hours. Transporting a child to after-school activities or play dates, helping a child with homework, arranging and supervising play time activities for a child and taking a child on outside activities are all common duties of a Nanny. Doing the child's laundry, preparing a child's meals and may also be the responsibility of a Nanny.
>Emergency Nanny Child Care 24/7 Services
Emergency Child Care is a unique solution for parents to the back up child care dilemma. Through Nanny Poppinz™ you can book an emergency Nanny, when your regular child care has broken down. Nanny Poppinz™ is available to our clients 24/7, including holidays. Call us right away and we will help you!
>Domestic Household Staffing Services
Personal Assistants, Butlers / Administrators, Caretakers, Caretakers, Cooks and Chefs, Estate Managers, Housekeepers, Housemen, Major Domos. We have experience in staffing high profile and celebrity clients with high end and large homes.
>Temporary Nannies
1-50 days - Temporary Nannies are paid by the hour-depend on a variety of factors, from where you live, number of children (max number of children is 4) and their ages.
>After-School Care Nannies and Childcare
An after school Nanny can make sure the children get home safely from school, prepare them a healthy snack and get them started on their homework until mom or dad gets home. An after school Nanny may shuttle the children to after school activities the children may be involved in, and then makes sure they get home safely after their activities.The Nanny can guide children with whatever after school activity parents have scheduled for the children. If the Nanny will be transporting children we also do a complete driving (DMV) check on the Nanny.
>Date Night Nanny and Sitters
Have a Night Out, Date Night or Just Need Break! Perfect for singles, couples, holidays, weekends away and parties. Need a Date Night While Away on Vacation? At Nanny Poppinz, we also offer custom Nanny services for traveling and vacations. Have a great time. You deserve it! Contact us today! Nanny Poppinz can provide that special Nanny for your special night out
>Babysitting Childcare Services
Nanny Poppinz™ Babysitters meets the same standards as our Nannies, a minimum of 18 years old, each and everyone of our Nannies are CPR/First Aid trained and have a minimum of 3 years of verified experience working with children and completely background checked.Babysitters are paid by the hour-depend on a variety of factors, from where you live, number of children and their ages.
>In Home Child Care Services
The expectation for in home child care is that it should not include tasks not related to your children and their care. Minimize asking your Nanny to perform non-childcare related tasks that may take away from what should be their primary focus - the care, safety and nurturing of your child(ren). Tasks directly related to childcare can be within the realm of a Nanny's job description, however - depending upon the circumstances of your family.
>Tutors-Home School Nannies
Homes schooling Nannies have a degree in education. The teacher's job is to supervise and teach the children during the hours the parents set, following closely guidelines of the parents, teachers are generally allowed a great deal of freedom in choosing teaching methods and daily plans. The teacher would be there to enhance it and to make sure that the children go throughout their day smoothly while providing a dynamic and unique educational program.
>Traveling and Vacation Nannies
Whether skiing in Colorado, or playing on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico, having a Nanny along to help with the children means mom and dad can relax and really enjoy their vacation. Taking a Nanny on vacation is becoming more popular among families. Take a Nanny to travel and assist you on vacation.
>Mothers Helpers
Mother's Helpers tends to be younger and less experienced than a Nanny. A Mother's Helper essentially helps out a stay-at-home parent or a family needing extra help while they are home. A Mother's Helper mostly works under some supervision to handle all aspects of child care, errands, easy meal preparation and light house work pertaining to the children.
>Night Newborn Specialists
A Night Newborn Care Specialists comes into the home from 9 or 10 at night until 6 or 8 in the morning to tend to the baby so that the parents can, sleep. A Night Newborn Care Specialist will stay in the baby's room, feed the baby, burp the baby and settle the baby back down. A night nurse could offer a wonderful reprieve for couples with multiples, a sick baby, or special circumstances, but, for the most part, these are healthy couples (one or both parents home on maternity leave) with healthy babies.
>School ""Holiday"" Childcare/Trackout
We offer childcare for school age children that are off for school vacation days or ""teacher work days"". We customize our services to meet the needs of each family, our Nannies can handle this in a variety of way, they can be there one-on-one with the child or can offer fun and excitement for children during their vacations or days off from school.
>Sick Children Nanny Services
We're here when you need us most, because we're moms, we know what other moms (and Dads) need. Day or Night, we're here to serve you. When you select someone to provide sick child care, remember that our Nannies are trained and experienced in providing compassionate care. We specialize in providing childcare solutions to parents nationwide 24/7 including holidays so that we can help in whatever way you need.
>Post Partum Newborn Specialists
Previously known as a baby nurse, a Newborn care specialist is an experienced trained infant/newborn specialist who comes into your home in the first weeks of your infants life to assist mom and dad with the day-to-day care of their new baby. Newborn care specialist work 24-hour days, meaning, they are on-call at all times to care for the baby. A baby nurse educates the new parents on caring for their new infant, assists in establishing a routine eating/sleeping/wake schedule for the baby and provides lactation consulting to breastfeeding mothers.
>Nanny Share Services
There are several ways to share a Nanny. Perhaps you would like the mornings free? Share with a family wanting childcare in the afternoon, leaving the Nanny an hour or so in the middle of the day to travel between homes. If you just want a day, or two, or three, you can share with a family which wants help on the days that you don't.
>Summer Nanny Services
Families hire a Nannies for the summer because kids are out of school for the summer and aren't old enough to be left home alone all day. During the school year it is easier for parents to coordinate activities or after-school care for their child for a few hours, in the summer it is a different story. A Summer Nanny may aslo travel with the family and care for the kids while the parents do activities separate from their children. It is an ideal situation for a family that can afford a summer Nanny for this specific reason.
>Hotel Resort Babysitter Services
High quality childcare goes a long way to making successful family vacations, especially when you're traveling with babies and toddlers. Parents, rest assured, a couple who skis or scuba dives does not have to curtail their outings once a baby comes along. The top hotels and resorts for families have a full complement of possibilities for day time and evening babysitters. Nanny Poppinz™ knows the ins and outs of caring for young children on vacation.
>Corporate Childcare Services
Nanny Poppinz currently provides Nanny stadium child care for the Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers as well as emergency child care for a number of South Florida companies during hurricane season. Employer-sponsored child care programs generate a powerful return on investment. Contact us to arrange for your company or organization to have corporate childcare services arranged in house for your eomployees
>Convention Childcare Services
On-site childcare for conventions and conferences. We provide stadium childcare to the Florida Marlins and the Atlanta Braves - 85 games/times a year as well as the Denver Broncos, Atlanta Hawks and Florida Panthers.Nanny Poppinz™ has provided quality childcare for children of all ages at weddings, conventions, trade shows, corporate and sporting events.
>Elder Care Companion Services
The leading providers of companion care for the elderly across the country. We are a professional service company providing families in need of non-medical practical care and companionship for seniors in the comfort of their own home. Our compassionate caregivers are specially screened and selected to provide the highest level of assistance of elder home care services to allow one to maintain independence and a high quality of life by staying wherever they prefer to call home instead of a assisted living facility.
>Foreign Language Nannies
Many parents want Nannies fluent in another language to help tutor their tots. It's important for the child to see that the language is valued by other people -- adults and children alike. Many parents seek caregivers fluent in another language and culture. Nanny Poppinz™ has seen a sharp increase in the last five years in requests for caregivers who speak a language other than english.
>Disaster and Emergency Child Care Services
When essential employees are needed in the workplace during a time of a natural disaster is when they need childcare solutions most. We customize our services to each client, in what ever way they need us. We currently service a number of Florida companies when hurricanes strike Florida.


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