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Just a quick note to say thank you for your help during our recent stay in Florida. We found both of the Nannies you sent to us - Autumn and Marie to be excellent. They fitted in very well with our requirements and were totally flexible with extra baby sitting which was great. Both were very patient with our baby who was not quite his normal self and not eating very well particularly Autumn who had the jet lag to deal with too.
Ian J. of the UK

..........It was a pleasure having Nanny Taree with my kids. They were happy and that only made my night. I am out of words and I can only say Thank you Nanny Taree. Your the best!!
Janit J. of Orlando, Florida

Thanks very much for arranging for Laura to provide Nanny services. She was very good indeed with the children. She managed to involve them both and both boys liked spending time with her. One afternoon she took the boys (aged 7 and 2) round the house on a dragon hunt - the 7 year old held back but eventually couldn't stop himself from joining in the fun. She brought lots of activities with her to interest the boys including playdoh, CDs, crayons, sports equipment etc which was great.
Penny W of St John Outside USA

I had a great experience. We LOVED our Nanny Ms.T!
Roxie of Sebring, FL

Would not use any other agency for the care of my 2 special needs children..absolutely trustworthy, reliable and professional. Thank you.
Glynis V of Orlando Florida

Daniela R was exactly the Nanny we needed and we could not have been happier. To be able to organize this from the U.K. is incredible. Thank you for providing this valuable service.
Annabel C of Great Britian

We used Nanny Poppinz to find back up child care for our son on a day that he wasn't able to go to daycare. We called the night before we needed help and within an hour Nanny Poppinz had found a child care provider for the day and sent us her references. The child care provider called that night to introduce herself and go over the details of the day. Unfortunately, the child care provider did not show up when scheduled. After attempting to contact her and getting her voicemail, my husband called Nanny Poppinz again. The help desk was able to find another child care provider within an hour. She was great with our son! She kept us updated as to how our son was doing throughout the day and even sent us a video of him to help put our minds at ease. We will definitely use Nanny Poppinz again in the future!
Melissa M of Orlando, Florida

I had no problems. The website was great. Call back was quick. Nanny we used was wonderful!! I admit that I was worried because I have never left my children with a stranger; however, my children and I were immediately comfortable with Lydia! They were well taken care of and has a great time. I will use the service again if ever in need.
Cristina C of Bartlett, Florida

After using your service several times, we have been impressed with the Nannies you send to us. Very nice and professional. Appreciate the prompt responses and that we are able to rely on you to help us find Nannies!
Melissa M of Orlando

I had a great experience using this service and if I am in the Orlando again I will definitely use Nanny Poppinz™ again. Also I will let my family and friends know.
Tanya B. of Morrero, Lousianna

I have been completely satisfied with the Nanny Poppinz™ service. Best I've ever dealt with.
Lewis Family of Windermere, Florida

......Just a quick line to wish you a very Happy Christmas and to thank you for all your professional advice and help. This is a 'first' for our family having a Nanny who comes daily while we are on holiday. Trin and Ren are having an amazing time and I can't speak highly enough of you and your company. Jennifer and Melonza have been a great help and the boys have had so much fun and my husband and I are feeling much rested. I can confirm are able to give my details to any clients who want to know about our experience with your company. It was the best thing that I have done in a while and will be booking the next Nanny for Easter and Summer Break too! I trust that you get a break over Christmas as you are a "Star" in our family. You have helped make it a wonderful holiday for everyone, as you take such good care and your kindness and understanding shows.

Mrs. Tan from the United Kingdom

It is an absolute pleasure for me to write this note of thanks to you. Words cannot describe the gratefulness I feel for Nanny Poppinz™. Over the course of the past 4 1/2 years, I have used a couple of other agencies in town on several occasions. Every time, I was left feeling frustrated, at best, with the process of hiring a Nanny. But this last time was by far, the worst. After interviewing over 40 people from 2 agencies over the course of several weeks, I was distraught, frustrated, and completely disheartened. I was shocked at the quality (or lack there of) of the candidates I was given to choose from. By the time I called you, I was beside myself. I challenged you to show me that you were, indeed, different from your competition. And you did. You far surpassed my reasonable expectations. I truly cannot sing your praises enough. Your level of professionalism and passion for what you do is expertly exemplified by the quality of candidates you refer. Within moments of my first interview through your agency, I knew that you were indeed, very different (in the best ways) from your competition. I was invested for countless hours and over 40 interviews with the other agencies and was not any closer to placing a Nanny than I was when I started the search. By sharp contrast, I interviewed just 3 candidates from your agency and was absolutely blown away by all of them. I went from feeling like I was having to choose the lesser of the evils, to feeling like I had 3 perfect people and didn't know which was the "most perfect". Nanny Taree is an absolute blessing to our family every day. You could not have found anyone better for my family. To say "thank you" does not seem enough. You have certainly taken this skeptic and made me a true fan! Thank you...!

Kathy J of Winter Garden, Florida

Thank you for finding Sonya…..she is a jewel. I am sure that there are many single dads who would be ever thankful for having been introduced to Nanny Poppinz™. It was fortunate that my Realtor knew you and made the introduction or else I would still be fumbling through the process of finding competent, qualified and honest help to help manage and care for my daughter. The care taken to understand my specific needs, the advise based on your experience and, when a potential candidate was identified, the thorough background check, removes the fear of leaving my most valuable possession in the hands of a newcomer to the family. The selection process , together with the continued support, makes Nanny Poppinz™ invaluable. My circumstances are not unique….there are many existing and soon-to-be single dads (or moms) who could use help and assistance to find the right Nanny/Housekeeper (I have designated Sonya as our Minder). Had my attorney been aware of your services, the transition to a single parent would have been a lot easier. I would strongly recommend that you approach the legal profession directly. Had I been able to present the court with a proven care management plan for my daughter, the legal process would have been less arduous for all, especially for my daughter…..Thank you again….I am spreading the word!

Mr. B of Windermere, Florida

Thank you so much for all of your help with scheduling these past few weeks. Sarah and her husband have found workable, affordable solutions for our family's needs.
Ms. G of Orlando, Florida

I just want to thank you for getting such a wonderful nanny for us. Hayley is a gem and it was great how much we had in common. Our little girl is so good I knew she was not going to be a problem and I felt very relaxed knowing she was in good hands. I was thought your service was great and will definitely use you the next time we are in town.
Amy P from Ames IA

I had a great experience both times I used the service. Thank you to your staff for its kindness to my prized possessions!
Jaclyn C

I wanted to let you know how much we loved Nanny Jen. She made the arrival of our baby so much easier on everyone. She took our children to the park every day and had them on a great schedule -Thank you Nanny Poppinz™ for a job well done! We'll miss Nanny Jen.
Jennifer G

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