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Susan McCloskey
(703) 873-7574
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2200 Wilson Blvd #102
VA 22201

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I just wanted to say what an astonishing job your Nanny did this morning for our family. Patricia was totally punctual despite the dark and rainy weather conditions and coming from miles away. She read all my little notes and wasn't fazed by anything like 4 different children, different schools, breakfasts and lunches + a dog. She offered to lend a hand to the dishes, the laundry, the lunches, the driving, and anything else I could think of that the children needed. Her manner was polite and professional and sympathetic. I was so impressed by her willingness to work. Often I find if a babysitter doesn't have an immediate need from a child, she will go quickly to her iPhone rather than clear the table. She even left me a note when she finished! A first for me as a mom. After years of relying on private babysitters, I can say this experience truly showed me the worth of having an agency based babysitter. Terrific Nanny you've got there. Please convey our thanks to her!
Erica W of Sterling Virginia

Susan was amazing. She was the perfect partner to help our family find the most wonderful Nanny. Susan was diligent, patient and always willing to go the extra mile to find exactly what we were looking for. Susan's goal was to find an amazing Nanny for our family, not just make a fast placement. She truly wants to make each family happy and goes above and beyond to do so. Even after Susan found our special Nanny, she committed to always being there in case we needed any help in the future - what a great feeling to know we could ask for temporary help if something came up. We were so happy with Nanny Poppinz!!
Jerry of Manassas Virginia

I'm so glad I came across Nanny Poppinz. This is a great and professional organization and has helped me find Nannies when I need them
Carolyn of Chester Virginia

Was very impressed with the quick response time for my babysitting request. Sueli was on time, professional and kind. My 22 month old son loved her
Charlene K of Potomac Falls, Virginia

Great and quick service finding the Nanny. The Nanny was also great with the kids!
Katherine G of Gainsville, Virginia

Nanny Poppinz was incredibly easy to use and family friendly. Staff were very helpful in understanding our needs and working to identify suitable Nannies. I could not have been happier with the service.
Sarah S of Vienna

Process for requesting a Nanny is super easy!! Thank you for helping us find Miss Michelle!! She is awesome!!
Ashley S of Manassas

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