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Thank you and we will make that request. Looking forward to meeting her and thanks again for providing an excellent and important service with a last minute request as well as matching an individual to all my requests........ I've used many agencies before and you moved fast, listened well and did a great job. Thank you again and looking forward to meeting Samantha and working with Nanny Poppinz™ again. Have a great day!
Lisa B of Raleigh North Carolina

I just wanted to thank Nanny Poppinz™, and particularly Melissa, for helping me to find the right family as a Nanny. It means so much to have the right fit for both the Nanny & the family. Also, thank you for helping me update my CPR certification. I believe that was a big help in securing the right job as well. Thank you to all! Sincerely, Cindy K.
Cindy K of Margate Florida

Our nanny was a wonderful choice for us. She was very pleasant and we really liked her. I will most definitely keep her in mind when I am in need of your service again. To date, I have been quite pleased with the Nannies that you assigned to our family and will continue to refer other families in need of care.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Teenah Curtain

I wanted to send a note on behalf of two Nanny Poppinz™ team members: Lourdes B. and Melissa S.

Lourdes and Melissa helped me recently to secure childcare for my two children after relocating to S. Florida from New York. As you might imagine, a cross country move with two young kids while working full time was quite stressful!

They were both really wonderful: very responsive, sensitive to my needs, understanding, and helpful. In a matter of a few weeks we have a wonderful full-time nanny (Karla B.) and also someone that has been willing to come in the evenings and for temp. work (Sasha). I pinch myself when I see Karla around my children. She is like a gold mine - qualified, gentle, reliable, capable(it's not easy to handle two - a 6 month old and a 3-1/2 year old). And Sasha is a sweet younger girl that will watch Disney movies with my son while my husband and I grab a bite to eat.

Thanks to Nanny Poppinz™ for helping out our family but thanks especially to Lourdes and Melissa for their patience and professionalism. They deserve a raise!
Lisa A.

We found a great nanny through Nanny Poppinz while staying at the St
Regis in Ft Lauderdale this past week, and I'm hoping I can repeat the
great experience while at the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World
on International Drive in Orlando.

I have 3 children, aged 5, 4, and 2. I need a nanny for all 3 on
Wednesday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday evening. On Wednesday
evening, the nanny will be helping my husband with baths and dinner
and bedtime with the 3 kids. On Friday and Saturday evening my husband
and I will be attending formal Convention dinners, so the nanny will
be taking care of the kids on her own (though my husband and I will
help with baths/prepping dinner so that she really only has to play
with them and then put them to bed.) Someone fun, loving, and
energetic would be great. We had Helene in Ft Lauderdale and the
kids just loved her.

Tricia J.
Los Altos, CA

Tricia J. of Los Altos, CA

The service was incredible. Lourdes was courteous and worked fast to accommodate our needs. I felt/feel very safe with her.
Rowena F, Planatation, Fl

I was so glad to find Nanny Poppinz™ of North Broward! While my current nanny was on vacation, they provided me with a temporary nanny that was friendly, reliable and wonderful with my 1 year old son! It's great to know that Nanny Poppinz™ of North Broward is able to supply a trustworthy nanny at short notice....................


I would like to thank you.......for all of your assistance in helping us find our nanny. We were desperate to find a nanny quickly and you immediately set up interviews the next day. All the interviews were well qualified and professional nannies. We feel very lucky to have found a nanny that fits in our home so well and has already made a positive impact in our daughter’s life. We appreciate your help and would recommend Nanny Poppinz™ to other families looking for help.

Robyn of Lighthouse Point

Melissa was a great help and always available! Mari was amazing with the baby and a tremendous help!
Crouch J. of Coral Springs, Florida

I know Ms. Connie has been in touch with you regarding our move back to Virginia. She is amazing and I hope that you are able to find a good spot for her soon. She is just one of those people that knows what needs to be done and takes care of it. We just love her and wish we could take her with us. I just wanted to write to thank you for sending her to us and for your help.
Jamie K of Broward County

My kids stayed with Nanny Ann. She was amazing! and very professional. Even my son warmed up to her very quickly because of Ann's fun approach. I would highly recommend her to someone who wants their kids to have quality time with their Nanny, not just watch TV on the couch. It made of visit to Florida a fun time for all the family. Thank you Nanny Poppinz.
Kathy M. of Two Rivers, Wisconsin

I used a temp service because I only needed a Nanny for a few hours. It was great and the Nanny was perfect! Kept control of the kids and was very punctual. Suggestions: Nothing..... Perfect service!
Michelle and Collos of Lauderhill, FL

A more consistent, upbeat, friendly phone greeting stating the company and person's name when a rep answers an incoming call. This is not a suggestion, but rather a recognition of Tracy M. taking a pro-active approach in reaching out to me by phone when she saw multiple calls and no message left. In addition, she provided me with her direct mobile number to call her if needed. In addition, thanks goes out to Susan M. & Lisa W. for the flexibility they applied regarding a special request from one of our guests - Mr. Martin G. This level of professionalism from all is greatly appreciated!
Martin G of Wilmington NC

Katiana is absolutely outstanding. Thank you for sending her. My husband is still working out what his schedule will be like this week so we don't know yet about this Friday. But we will certainly keep Nanny Poppinz™ on speed dial!

Truth F. of Fort Lauderdale Florida

It is with great pleasure that we send you a superior letter of reference regarding the services we have experienced with your Nanny Poppinz™ Agency. We have used your Nanny's over the course of a few years now & have been more than pleased every single time. Whenever we are having a special event or need a sitter for anything you are only a phone call away. Your services are above professional & are one of the most important resources a family & parents could have. It is vital to trust who you are leaving your children with and with your agency and staff it is never a problem at all. I hope many more families get to experience your great services and we are so thankful to have you when we need you.
Ashley Family of Weston, Florida

Thank you for finding Yosy to watch Camryn (our 5 ½ year old). I can not tell you how happy we have been with her and how much she has helped our family. My husband and I travel often, and Yosy makes sure that Camryn’s schedule is unaffected. That peace of mind is priceless. We really appreciate your efforts in locating a perfect fit for our family. Yosy is basically a "special order" as far as I am concerned. I told you everything I was looking for and Poof there she was for an interview. Your keen sense of matching families is an absolute gift. I also like knowing that Nanny Poppinz™™ is there 24/7 in case of an emergency – again peace of mind. Now that Yosy is part of our family, I am not quite sure how we did it before! Hope this letter finds you well and thank you again for making the process so easy and pain-free.
Laforge Family of Pembroke Pines, Florida

Barbara was awesome. My son was thrilled with her. He loved the fact that she could draw and draw well. He is a true artist at heart and to have someone to share that with thrilled him to no end. I would really like to use Barbara again on our next trip to Miami. Thanks Nanny Poppinz for being there.,
Kyndall D. of Atlanta, Georgia

I had a great experience when I randomly called on a weekend. I then submitted my application and worked with Melissa. She got me 7 interviews by the end of the week and I was able to hire a Nanny!
Marla S of Fort Lauderdale

Barbara was a wonderful Nanny for our 3 boys. She went above and beyond! We will use Nanny Popinz in the future!
Kathleen of Saint Cloud Minnesota

Kristelee is a great sitter; one of the best experiences we've had in a long time.
Roxane R

Ann was amazing, my son liked her as soon as he saw her, she was patient, very efficient. In short I was very happy with her service!!! Thank you!!
Michael T of Broward Florida

Kateena went above and beyond what she needed to with taking care of my son and provided exceptional service! She is such a sweetheart and felt so safe with letting my son with her. I will definitely be using her again!
Kathryn H. of Macungle

We were happy with Lucia! We will use your service again. She is the only sitter our baby has actually liked.
Brenda D. of Pembrooke Pines

Barbara Barrett was fabulous--punctual, friendly, great with my infant. She was supremely helpful and flexible.
Ana L from Dania Beach

Use the services for the first time and really loved it . It was a last minute call and they did their best to get me someone on time and on top of that the service and person who came to help with my kids was A1. I definitely recommend them.
Elba C of Margate, Florida

Our Nanny was pleasant, competent and quite resourceful. Should we ever require a Nanny in the future, you will hear from us. Thank You
Linia L of Fort Lauderdale

Aicha was truly wonderful and we would absolutely recommend the service to others. The fact that it was a last minute request and was fulfilled so quickly and with such a pleasant person was particularly comforting and refreshing.
Kristin K of Louisville

This service has been so great and helpful for me and my family.
Gloria T of Davie

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