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Nanny Poppinz policy is that there are NO, repeat NO, upfront fees or charges of any kind. You only owe the referral fee WHEN/IF you select a permanent full or part time Nanny or made a verbal commitment for needing a temporary Nanny. All of the Nanny Poppinz services are customized to your specific requirements regardless of their complexity.

Please remember that Nanny Poppinz is open 24 hours a day. If you have hired a Nanny through Nanny Poppinz, you also have back up care that we provide FREE (no agency fee) replacement Nannies on a daily, weekly, or permanent basis. Being a NATIONAL agency, we also offer FREE hotel care (no agency fee) anywhere in the U.S. your family might travel. A full time Nanny, either live in or live out, generally works 26 or more hours per week. A part time Nanny works no more than 25 hours per week. A temporary Nanny works a minimum of 4 hours and can work up to 50 days. Corporate, Convention or Special Event Nannies are normally for the duration of the event and are cost at or as near to cost to Nanny Poppinz as is possible. Costs are not additive, that is if you get a temporary Nanny weekly for a month and then decide on a part time Nanny the temporary referral fee cost made to date are deducted from the Part Time Referral Fee cost. Once you are a Nanny Poppinz family, you are treated like one and there is never any double charging. Nanny Poppinz also provides special referral fee discounts for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire-fighters, government workers, and teachers.


Nanny Poppinz is proud to announce a new Premium Nanny Service. Through the years families have asked for Nanny Poppinz to take care of all expenses and legal requirements for hiring a nanny wherein the family only had to select the Nanny and Nanny Poppinz would take care of everything else such as payroll, taxes, and insurance. We are now proud to offer that very service. Nanny Poppinz takes care of everything except the Nanny selection.

Nanny fees:

Full-Time Nanny Referral Agency fee

Full-Time Option A: Nanny is employee of family-10% of Nanny annual salary (Minimum of $2000)
Full-Time Option B: Nanny is employee of Nanny Poppinz - $700 a month agency fee plus Nanny’s gross monthly salary

Part-Time Nanny Referral Agency fee

Part-Time Option A: Nanny is employee of family- flat fee of $2000
Part-Time Option B: Nanny is employee of Nanny Poppinz - $700 a month agency fee plus Nanny’s gross monthly salary

Temporary rate:
Family credit card is charged $32 an hour for the number of hours booked when the booking is made. If the Nanny ends up working more hours than what was originally booked, the family’s card will be charged for the additional hours. The temporary Nanny is an employee of Nanny Poppinz; therefore, Nanny Poppinz pays the Nanny directly. Gratuities are up to the family’s discretion. Should the family stay in a hotel where parking must be paid, the family will cover this cost for the Nanny.

Nanny Referral Fee and Nanny Pay are double on the following holidays: ( New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve)

Newborn/Infant Specialist Agency rates---$45 an hour for 1 newborn/infant, $50 an hour for twins and $55 an hour for triplets
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