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Thanks, Susan. All's well this side. Regina is a great fit for our family. Baby is thriving, the girls are well. With this major issue of childcare under control, I'm turning some attention to my graduate school application for the fall. Thanks for checking on us, will call if we need anything.
Carol D of Arlington, Virginia

No changes but wanted to comment on Tracy and Lisa who both stepped up to help me out in a very tight crunch. Tracy went above and beyond putting in a lot of time and effort on a Sunday trying to find someone for us for the following day in DC. Though she managed to find someone who agreed to do the job, by no fault of hers, the person never showed up - didn't even call and when I called her she wasn't even apologetic.
Lisa then stepped in and was able to find someone who could come at the last minute. Crisis averted. Thanks to both of them for all their efforts.
Melanie M of Washington D.C.

......... Nanny Poppinz™ is definitely one of the more reasonable Nanny agencies - not to mention your outstanding customer service......... I want to stress how appreciative I am for your assistance. I would highly recommend working with you to anyone who ever asks me for Nanny agency suggestions. The Nanny candidate that you recommended sounded like she is top notch, and would be exactly the type of person I would want if we were to continue to pursue a Nanny. I will absolutely contact you if we decide to pursue a Nanny in the future, and also for emergency coverage.
Aimee S of Alexandria, Virginia

You all were my lifesaver! Thank you all! Ms. Karen F. is a GOD-SENT. I do believe angels come in the human form and she was just that. My children adapted and felt comfortable around her instantly. If I am to use this service ever again, I would like to request her definitely.
Tynette D. of Arlington Virginia

Thank you for all the help Tuesday! You helped me with Sebastian so much to make the date of my engineer's Ph.D. defense go soooooo smoothly so that I had no worries. Thanks for 3 great days of help. Sebastian just loves you! I will see you in the new year!
Sandra B. of Arlington, Virginia

We used your service to find a babysitter for a night when on vacation out of town. Our babysitter was great and the kids really liked her! She was very safety concious and followed all of our instructions. Great job from the Nanny and the site, as we were nervous about utilizing a new service for the first time.
Kim of Columbus, OH

You guys are great when I'm in a bind, my daughter loved the nanny and a had great day of one on one care!
Jennifer M of Arlington Virginia

Things are going quite well and we’re all very happy with Martha. The girls have a lot of fun with her and she has taken a very nice interest in not only taking care of them but helping them learn and grow. I feel very comfortable with them in her care.
Liz W of Burke, Virginia

Thank you so much for getting back in touch with me. Right now, it looks like I will not be needing any childcare for my son after all. I have sincerely appreciated how courteous and attentive everyone has been at Nanny Poppinz™, and I will definitely keep you in mind in the future should my needs change. Thank You.
Amanda H of Reston Virginia

I was able to find and hire a Nanny in less that 1 week from overseas. The Nanny we used (Elizabeth T.) was fantastic, she truly exceeded our expectations. I would definitely use this service again and would recommend the service to others.
Cassandra R from Overseas

Erika is one of my best friends and is thinking about getting a nanny. She has 4 kids and a full time job. She also has a friend who knows they need some periodic Nanny overnight help. Susan (Nanny Poppinz) is the only person in this field I've actually enjoyed speaking and working with. She "gets it". She's also not pushy - you can chat with her and sort things out and not worry if you decide not to go this route.
Tracey J of Arlington Virginia

I was extremely impressed with the responsiveness of Susan and her team to help with our Nanny request. She had Nannies ready to interview at our doorstep in 24 hours which was really remarkable! I would be happy to work with Nanny Poppinz again.
Susan C of Arlington Virginia

NEmailed to get a last minute Nanny - service was great and the Nanny was very sweet.
Jean M of Alexandria

Susan was amazing helping find a Nanny for our family. I will definitely recommend this company for incoming people that I work with
Nicole G of Alexandria, Virginia

The process is always incredibly easy. It is a wonderful service to know we have an emergency backup plan for our daughter that we can trust. The Nannies who have been placed with us have been amazing.
Abigail M of Alexandria, Virginia

Always so easy and helpful! Nice to speak to the same person when I call. Thank you for being so reliable!
Stacy A of Arlington Virginia

I was in a mild panic over our childcare situation when I had to be out of town and my husbands work suddenly switched schedules. I literally searched everywhere! Then I found your website. Not only was the reply prompt, but I was matched, and had exchanged information, with the sitter in a matter of hours. Our Sitter Edith was just fabulous. This is even more extraordinary as my son was recently adopted and has some attachment issues. Edith was GREAT and got our son up and ready for school. She communicated with me and made me feel comfortable and that our son was in good hands. Absolutely going to use the service again and have already recommended you all to every mom I know!
Jennifer J of Alexandria, Virginia

Miss Jasmine was wonderful. She is the first non family (other than church nursery staff) with whom Erin has stayed and it went very well. Erin 's potty training is further along (wow in just 24 hours!) and she learned a hand washing song and napped willingly. So amazing.
Natalie M of Plainfield, Virginia

The Nanny got to us quickly, on short notice, and she kept us updated through her commute to us when she got stuck in traffic. Very professional in her behavior with us, and she was good with our daughter.
Kathryn H of Alexandria, Virginia

I will recommend this company to everyone. So helpful!
Alida G of Alexandria

We've had a couple Nammies through your service through the past few years and Zahra is above and beyond the best. She texted pictures of my son and checked in with me to make sure I knew he was alright - which was a HUGE bonus considering I was away on business on the West Coast. Amazing, amazing Nanny. My son was even sad when she didn't return (when I came home). Thank you!
Jennifer J of Alexdandria

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