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Nannies vs Au Pairs

The difference between Nannies and Au Pairs is that Nannies are usually qualified childcare professionals, who have chosen childcare as their profession, or have at least three years of experience caring for children.  Au Pairs are often classed within the same childcare category but they are completely different.   Au Pairs are usually young college age women who live abroad and come to the U.S.  to learn about americans or improve their english.  They should not be seen as a substitute for a Nanny because usually they have no formal childcare training which a Nanny would have.

A Nanny may be seeking a live-out position or a live-in one, and can be a long term employee for the family whereas au pairs will generally live with the family and generally work for a year with the family.

Qualifications will increase a Nanny's theoretical knowledge, experience and common sense are very important aspects for their job.  A Nanny's past childcare experiences are necessary for qualification to be a Nanny Poppinz™ Nanny.