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Amber Mayhew
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Nanny Poppinz is A 23/23 Company. 23 Years Old and 23 Thousand Happy Families!!


Voted THE Best Nanny Agency in Austin!!

Thank you for considering Nanny Poppinz of Austin. As the leading Nanny Agency in the nation, Nanny Poppinz is a company founded and built on one simple philosophy...YOUR children and family come first.
My name is Amber Mayhew and I have been working in the family services field in the Austin area since 1998. I am a Nanny, NICS, Birth Doula, and last but certainly not least, a Wife and a Mom! I love working with Austin families helping them solve their childcare situations by finding that special Nanny, housekeeper, personal assistant, etc..

Throughout my years working in different childcare facilities, for different Nanny agencies, and as a Nanny for numerous special families, I decided how I would want to run my own Nanny business. I want to offer a
VERY personalized relationship with my families, clients, and Nannies. I really love to spend time talking with my Austin families to get to know them and their specific Nanny childcare needs, requirements and Nanny expectations. A FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION is always offered to each and every family when they work with Nanny Poppinz of Austin. You can contact me at with any questions regarding anything to do with Nanny childcare.

As well as the traditional full and part time Nanny we have date night Nannies, Infant care specialists, after school Nannies. We even have Nannies on call to look after children that are sick and unable to attend school. We also offer overnight Nanny and emergency Nanny back up care to our Austin families. You can use our Nanny services at a moments notice if need be as we are open 24/7.

As an Austin parent myself, I know how important your children are to you. I also know how important your time is. I am always available for my families and Nannies to reach me directly, because I know sometimes families can only discuss Nanny candidates after work, after the kids are in bed, or on the weekends.

For Nannies, I know that job searching can be tough and if you’re working during the day, you may need to talk with me about available Nanny jobs on “not so regular” business hours. I am always recruiting only the BEST Nannies in Austin. I look for only the highest caliber of Nanny to refer to my families.

Our Nanny Background check is the most thorough and sophisticated in the industry. Before a family meets with a Nanny, every candidate will go through a detailed in person Nanny interview with me. Every Nanny is required to have at least 3 years childcare experience, and I must be able to speak directly with all of their childcare/Nanny references and previous families they have worked for. Detailed notes can be shared with families during their hiring process. Our Nanny background check includes a criminal file multi-county/multi-state misdemeanor and felony check, Nanny social security verification, Nanny driving record checks, Nanny internet checks and establishing that each Nanny is legal to work in the US. When you do interview a Nanny, it is on your schedule....not ours. Our Nannies are all 18 or older and legal to work in Austin. Each Nanny Poppinz Nanny is FULLY READY TO HIRE when you interview them. Combine this kind of dedication and concern for detail with the most sophisticated and probing Nanny Background checks in the industry, and you can see why over 23,000 families have successfully found Nanny childcare solutions through Nanny Poppinz.

As the local owner of the Nanny Poppinz agency in Austin you have my personal guarantee that the first priority at Nanny Poppinz of Austin will always be the safety and welfare of your children. I also understand the importance of finding the best possible Nanny care for your most precious assets. Many Austin families choose Nanny services to care for their children due to flexibility with schedules, a lower occurrence of illness, customized one on one Nanny child care, and a comfortable and SAFE at home Nanny care environment.

Why you should consider Nanny Poppinz when looking for Austin Nanny Childcare?

  • NO FEES of any kind unless and until you hire your Austin Nanny. FREE in home consultation direct with the owner.
  • The most sophisticated Nanny background checking process in the Nanny industry.
  • A "Live" Nanny call center available to Austin 24/7 including evenings, holidays and weekends.
  • All Austin Nanny referrals have 3 years verifiable Nanny childcare work experience and CPR certification including AED and First Aid training. Each Nanny is legal to work in Austin.
  • Emergency Nanny childcare service and 6 month Nanny replacement guarantee for all full and part time Nanny Poppinz Austin families. This Nanny replacement guarantee is the best in the Nanny industry.

At Nanny Poppinz, WE WILL BE YOUR AUSTIN NANNY CHILDCARE SOLUTION! Please call us at 512-879-4177 to start your Nanny interview process to find YOUR Austin Nanny.

FREE, yes FREE, Nanny and Family CPR Classes are held monthly in Austin. Please contact Amber, owner of Nanny Poppinz Austin, at to arrange to attend a Nanny or Family CPR class.

Prospective Austin Nanny Poppinz Nanny Interview Schedule For information on how to become an Austin Nanny Poppinz Nanny and to schedule a Nanny interview please call 512-879-4177, ext 2.

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