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Nanny Poppinz is A 22/22 Company. 22 Years Old and 22 Thousand Happy Families!!


I had to go into Austin for a last minute conference, and since I had family in the area I was able to bring my 6 month old along. Since it was we were located in a hotel right downtown, we wanted to take one night to go out and have some fun. At that point I had never used a Nanny service and had only left my son with his grandparents. I was so impressed with how easy Nanny Poppinz™™ made the entire process. I submitted a request online, did not have to pay any registration fees and received a call promptly following my online submission. Within a couple of minutes all of the details were organized and confirmed with the service.
The Nanny that watched my son was very experienced and was so great with him. She put me at ease instantly and also sent me a couple of text messages throughout the night when he went down and how he did that made it so much easier to have a good time.
The overall experience was very positive and I can't say enough great things about the staff and Nanny. I definitely recommend this service to parents in the Austin area and beyond

Amanda G.

Amber, Thank you for helping to set up the four hour babysitting that I won through DO512. Our nanny, Nichole was wonderful! I plan to tell all my friends about your company. Thank you for the much needed night out! Melissa
Melissa K

Dear Nanny Poppinz, The nanny you sent us was so great! Having your service to count on is wonderful. Thank you for your time and help. We can't wait to use your service again!
Allison G

We used Nanny Poppinz to find a temporary nanny while staying in Austin for a wedding. I did not want to leave my 9-month-old at home in another state, but could not take him to all the wedding activities. Amber set us up with Alexis, who came to the hotel to stay with our son while we were busy. Alexis did a wonderful job. We had good communication with her before she came to the hotel. She was prompt and personable. My apprehensions about leaving him with someone new were quickly assuaged. Alexis was able to get him to sleep in a new environment, and he was happy to see her the next day when she watched him again. Thank you!
Natalee T.

We had a great experience with Amber and Nanny Poppinz. I called because we weren't sure if hiring a nanny was right for us, our schedule, or our budget. Amber provided professional guidance and when we realized that our circumstances were not a good match for hiring a nanny, she helped vet-out a perfect Mother's Day Out provider in our area. She ran background checks on various establishments and found one that was perfect. That was about 8 months ago and so far the place she guided us toward has been perfect
Richard T.

This has been the most amazing Nanny Agency to work with. I have never had a problem finding the right nanny for my family or having temps or just out for a date night! Amber Mayhew words cannot express how much you have done for me and my family! I know i can trust her and know my children are safe. I encourage any parent to use this agency as she will take good care of you! Nanny Poppinz of Austin is AWESOME! Thanks Amber Mayhew for everything! :)
Anjelina H.

We have used Nanny Poppinz of Austin many times! Amber Mayhew is great! In fact, she was our first son's nanny when he was an infant. I trust her with my children- and that's saying a lot! She gave us the one on one attention that we were looking for. Finding a nanny is a really hard job. We are very over protective of our kids, and, decided that it was worth the extra money to pay for a nanny over daycare. More recently, we have used Nanny Poppinz of Austin for their temp care (one time sitting jobs.) Amber made the entire process very easy and smooth - her database of nannies is very impressive. I love that anytime someone comes over, I know that I'm getting a quality, experienced, CPR certified nanny.
Liz H.

Amber has been very generous to me as I 'am a nanny. She knew how stressed I was and struggling in finding nanny job here in Austin because I 'am new to the city and not familiar with the area just yet. Every time I spoke to her she always gave me comfort and hope that she would find the best nanny job that was best for me. She is consistent about checking up on me when I didn't have a job, and still calls me to check up on me now that she found me the best nanny job I've ever had!!!! The family I 'am employed by now is so sweet. All in all I 'am very thankful for Nanny Poppinz and Amber Mayhew.
Jahzeel G.

What impressed me most about Nanny Poppinz™ was their flexibility to meet our needs. It was clear from the start that they placed great importance on working with our criteria and schedule. Just tell them what you need and when and they make it happen. The professionalism and quality of their Nannies (that we have met) has always been high. Our children have always had a great experience with them and that puts us at ease

Joe M.

I was fortunate only to speak with Nanny Poppinz™ and they was so amazing! They answered every question, even anticipated questions before hand, and was so knowledgeable, there is NO ONE we would rather do business with. Our issue came about as impromptu circumstances, when it rains boy does it pour here in Texas, not allowing us the fortunate opportunity to pay the much reasonable fee required. If we could, we would do it tomorrow. But in no way is this a reflection of the competency of this beautiful corporation, matching winners to winning families. We truly hope our day will come we can find a way to make it work but even if it does not for us-we tell everyone we meet to check them out, it is so worth the time to do so. They go above and beyond anything I have ever seen to make you feel as though you are part of their family and they are helping find that special addition to "your" family.

Amy J. of Austin Texas

We currently employ 6 Nannies. When we had 2 Nannies unexpectedly walk out on us at the same time another Nanny went full time at another job - and then we decided to create the 6th Nanny position - we found ourselves looking for 4 nannies all at one time. I had previously used another Nanny agency, but I did not want to sign their new contract that requires up front payment and a fee whether you find a nanny through their agency or not. So, I was a little hesitant about calling another agency - however, one of our Nannies recommended Nanny Poppinz™. First of all, Nanny Poppinz™ required NO up front fee. In fact, Nanny Poppinz™ never requires any kind of fee at all UNLESS you find your Nanny through their agency. This gave me the ability to continue searching on my own as they were searching for Nannies for us. They actually came to our home to meet us and our children. They took the time to understand our rather difficult situation, and really seemed to care about finding us the right Nannies. Although I continued looking on my own the entire month it took us to fill the positions, 3 of the 4 Nannies I hired were through Nanny Poppinz™. The Nanny Poppinz™ candidates were pre-screened to the point that I knew when a Nanny Poppinz™ candidate arrived, I needed to take notice because they were going to be good. And what is so nice that, even if it is after hours, you can always call the national number and reach someone that is so nice and so willing to help. If we ever find ourselves in the Nanny hiring position again, we will not even bother looking on our own next time. We will leave it completely up to Nanny Poppinz™. We will also recommend Nanny Poppinz™ to everyone we know, as it is the most honest & professional agency out there!
Cara R.

Just wanted to let you know that Nanny Katy is doing a wonderful job! We knew Jenna would eventually start reaching, but thanks to the special attention she has gotten from Nanny Katy she's progressing even faster then we imagined! Love it!


Lauren B of Austin Texas

We've used other Nanny search firms in the past. One of the key differentiators of Nanny Poppinz™™ was the personal attention we received. Nanny Poppinz™ took the time to listen to my concerns, specific needs and truly understood what we were looking for in a caregiver for our 3 month old son. He also completely understood what an important decision this was. Finding the right person is not only a business decision, but also a very emotional one, and he never made me feel rushed. They counseled us through the pros and cons of the many qualified candidates they sent our way. ALL of the candidates we interviewed were professional and had a clear understanding of our expectations and the job requirements prior to the interview. I would highly recommend Nanny Poppinz™™. They were a pleasure to do business with and always put our needs first. The result, an amazing caregiver for our baby who loves and hugs on him all day long.
Jenifer B of Austin Texas

As a mother and a professional Nanny, I have been quite impressed with Nanny placement through Nanny Poppinz™. This agency isn't into 'rushed' placement. They want to make sure that the families (and more importantly, the children) are taken well care of & are matched with the best Nanny possible.
If you need permanent, or even temporary childcare, you really should check out Nanny Poppinz™
Toni S.

We used Nanny Poppinz™ of Austin to watch our grandson for us while we attended my wife's company Christmas party, we are very protective (maybe overly) of our grandson, he has never been watched by anyone except us! Emily the Nanny was a total joy to work with! She was prompt, professional, & caring! We can't recommend this agency enough & will definitely be using them again!
Mike D.

Everything is so WONDERFUL!!! We are sooo happy with our Nanny!! Thanks Amber for finding us an excellent nanny

Thanks Nanny Poppinz™ of Austin for being a great place for Nannies to work!
Micah W.

Everything is going so great with our Nanny. She is wonderful with our daughter and has a
flexible schedule so she's able to add days on short notice. We are so lucky to
have found her!
Lisa T.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working through your
company. The family that you have brought into my life are like angels to work with.
They are a loving family. I look forward to going to their house every time they
need me. They are so respectful and appreciate all that I do.I'm so blessed to be
working for them. As a matter of fact it does not feel like work, as far as I am
concerned it is a play date. Thank you so much for providing a great service to
families with children and people who want to work.
Rebecca N.

Hello , I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You helped me find a wonderful family to work for. I have been working for Mr.J, since January, and am so thankful and happy.
I want to let you know because you helped bring peace and happiness to my life.
God bless you ma'am and i always will pray for you

Maria D.

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