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At Nanny Poppinz of Northern Virginia - Arlington and Alexandria Virginia we strive to recruit, extensively screen, and refer the premier Nannies in Northern Virginia to meet the differing needs of our Arlington and Alexandria families. Childcare decisions are one of the most important decisions a family will ever make. We realize that childcare Nanny needs do not always occur during normal business hours. That is why Nanny Poppinz is the only Virginia Nanny agency actually open to serve the Arlington and Alexandria areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays! Trusted since 1992, we screen and personally interview every Nanny we refer!

Why we are the "Preferred" Agency in Arlington and Alexandria Virginia for Nanny Childcare

  • The most sophisticated Nanny background checking process in the Nanny industry.
  • NO FEES of any kind unless and until you hire your Arlington and Alexandria Virginia Nanny.
  • A "Live" Nanny call center available 24/7 including evenings, holidays and weekends.
  • We face-to-face interview each and every Nanny before we send them to your home.
  • All Arlington and Alexandria Virginia Nanny referrals have 3 years verifiable Nanny childcare work experience and CPR certification including AED and First Aid training. Each Nanny is legal to work in the US..
  • Emergency Nanny childcare service and 6 month Nanny replacement guarantee for all full & part time Nanny Poppinz Arlington and Alexandria Virginia families. This Nanny replacement guarantee is the best in the Nanny industry.
  • We excel at professional placement and many Nanny and child care services to make sure you get the best service.
  • Proudly offers Nanny referral fee discounts to Arlington and Alexandria Virginia VA military, law enforcement and Federal Government families.

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  • No Application or Membership Fees
  • CPR Certified/Background Checked
  • Professional Placement Services

Nanny Poppinz offers Nanny referral discounts to Military, Law Enforcement and Government Employees families in the Northern Virginia area.


VERY personalized relationship! Proudly Serving Arlington and Alexandria Virginia

The Northern Virginia area is among the busiest and most exciting places to live or visit. At Nanny Poppinz we are committed to making the process of finding a Nanny childcare provider easy and stress free for you. We do most of the work for you! Working to understand your Nanny childcare needs and expectations is only the first service step. Next, we match the unique needs of your Northern Virginia family with a highly qualified Arlington and/or Alexandria Nanny. Each Nanny has undergone extensive background checks BEFORE they are scheduled for your interviews. Finally, Nanny Poppinz sets up your interview for you and works to ensure your Nanny referral is a successful one - all with NO UPFRONT CHARGES, JOINING OR APPLICATION FEES! Only when a confirmed Nanny match is made, will you be charged any referral fee.

Nanny Poppinz of Arlington and Alexandria recognizes that Virginia has a unique childcare demand caused by the increase in dual income and single parent households, the threat and fear of illness in the traditional Arlington Alexandria daycare centers, and the logistical challenges that families face resulting in schedules that often do not fit traditional Arlington Alexandria daycare and after-school programs. Arlington and Alexandria families choose a Nanny to meet their childcare needs because of their scheduling flexibility, low ratio Nanny care for each child, and the SAFE AT HOME family environment. See a full list of all of our high end nanny services

Why use Nanny Poppinz of Arlington and Alexandria VA?

  • Nanny Poppinz has successfully referred a Nanny to thousands of happy families since 1992.
  • We have established a track record of serving Arlington and Alexandria families and Nannies.
  • Provides stadium Nanny child care for the Miami Marlins.
  • There are NO up front fees to a family or Nanny.
  • There are NO application fees to the family or Nanny. You pay nothing UNTIL you hire a Nanny.
  • We meet (face-to-face) and interview each and every Nanny we send to your Arlington Alexandria home.
  • Nanny candidates have at least 3 years of Nanny or child care experience and are thoroughly background and internet checked BEFORE you interview them. The Nanny is ready to be hired when you interview them.
  • Nanny Poppinz offers a 6 month Nanny replacement guarantee if you hire a full or part time Nanny.

Fully Customized Services

Give us a call at 703-873-7574. Let Nanny Poppinz prove our passion for quality Nanny childcare and experience firsthand our unparalleled customer service. At Nanny Poppinz we are committed to meeting your Nanny childcare needs in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia!


For Nannies

Nanny CPR, First Aid and AED training for the Northern Virginia area is provided by Frontlines CPR. Please visit or call 703-304-3338 to make a reservation. Identify yourself as a Nanny Poppinz Nanny when you make the reservation and you will receive a discount. After the completion of the course and when you are referred as a part or full time Nanny Poppinz Nanny you will need to send the course receipt to Nanny Poppinz and you will be reimbursed by Nanny Poppinz for your CPR training cost.

For information on how to become a part of the Arlington Alexandria Agency and to schedule your Nanny interview please call Dasly at 954-899-3828.

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