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Nannies Gone Bad; One Couple's Nightmare with the Housing Market; Prices Going Up on Groceries; Dangerous Floods Continue in the Midwest; Passport Breach; March Madness

Aired March 22, 2008 - 07:00 ET


First up, check it out, Nannies gone bad. Disturbing videos like this one have many parents wondering, what can I do to protect my children? I'm going to talk to the founders of Nanny Poppinz this hour.


NGUYEN: Also ahead, how to make sure, this right here, doesn't happen to your child. The founders of Nanny Poppinz, we'll have some expert advice on how to choose a caregiver.


NGUYEN: Also, do you remember this disturbing home video of a babysitter handling infants like rag dolls? Well, we're going to talk with two women about how to make sure this doesn't happen to your child.


NGUYEN: All right, parents, some of you may feel guilty leaving your baby in the care of someone else while you go to work but just imagine seeing a Nanny do this to your child in your own home.

Our next two guests say they can help prevent this from happening. Deneane Maldonaldo and Susan McCloskey are with a service called Nanny Poppinz and they join us from Miami.

Good morning, ladies.

SUSAN MCCLOSKEY, FMR. FEDERAL AGENT: Good morning. How are you?

NGUYEN: I am doing all right but a little disturbed especially when you see this video. Deneane, first of all, should parents with small children who have Nannies always have a Nanny cam?

DENEANE MALDONALDO, PRES., NANNY POPPINZ: Absolutely. We absolutely recommend them as the service. We think it's crucially important. We also use it as a screening tool for our Nannies, when they come to Nanny Poppinz to interview with us we talk to them about having Nanny cams and stress the importance of the Nanny cams and knowing that there is going to be a Nanny cam in each of our client's homes.

NGUYEN: Well, apparently it's catching Nannies who are, you know, many would say abusing children, this particular woman, I'm not sure if she was found guilty of anything, but when you look at it, you're definitely shocked, and as a parent, you are angry.

So, let me ask you this, Susan because you are a former federal agent. Some of what's caught on the tape is not only shocking but it's hard for parents, because they feel like they have screened these Nannies, they have talked to them and they have done their research but yet, these abuses, mistreatment occurs and I want you to listen first of all to a parent who had said he did the screening himself.


WESLEY LOCKLAIR, FATHER: I end up blaming myself, you know. I should have been able to prevent this, you know. I'm her father. It's my job to protect her.


NGUYEN: See, he says, you know, I should have been able to prevent this. I am a father. But as a former federal agent, when you look at this, what are parents not doing? What is it that they should be doing to make sure that doesn't happen to their child?

MCCLOSKEY: Well, I think, as that gentleman said, that he screened them. But I think going with an agency, a professional reputable agency like Nanny Poppinz, we're the experts at screening and recruiting.

NGUYEN: What do you do different besides, you know, doing the background checks, and talking to them and getting references, things that some parents do already?

MCCLOSKEY: Oh, no, absolutely. It's just that, since we've been doing it for over 15 years at Nanny Poppinz and none of our Nannies have ever been caught on tape doing or anything wrong, you know, we feel that we can assist the families and help them with this, and how we do that is we personally meet each and every Nanny, and screen them in an hour or more interviews, spending time with them and then, we do the background checks as you said.

And being a former federal agent, when I came on board with Nanny Poppinz we've even added an additional background check, a county court record search, which sometimes will catch things that maybe the national criminal history doesn't. And if the job involves driving, we also do a DMV check. So, the parents are very confident that the Nanny will be safe with their children.

NGUYEN: And let me ask you, Deneane, if a parent sees abuse or they feel like something's not right, what should that parent do?

MALDONALDO: They should absolutely, you know, take matters into their own hands. These are their children, the most important people in their lives. So they have to act right away, not worry about Nanny cams or anything like that, just take matters into their own hand, find a professional Nanny agency like Nanny Poppinz and find some reputable help, people that are experienced in handling crises like this to able to get them help for their children.

NGUYEN: Because when you watch this video, again, many parents not only shocked but they are angry to see that happening to their child and any other child for that matter, because they put themselves in those shoes and say, man, that could be my child as well. So, Deneane Maldonaldo and Susan McCloskey, we do appreciate your time this morning, thank you.

MALDONALDO: Thank you.

MCCLOSKEY: Well, thank you.