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Nanny Poppinz is A 23/23 Company. 23 Years Old and 23 Thousand Happy Families!!

Nanny Poppinz is the leading childcare service provider in South Palm Beach, Florida. Nanny Poppinz has proven that personal service and customer care should always be first priority when providing the perfect child care provider for your family. Nanny Poppinz childcare service in South Palm Beach cares about you and your children above all. Thus, we are committed to perfecting our system so that we may provide the most qualified Nannies and the best Nanny service in your area. As well as the traditional full time Nanny we have date night Nannies, Infant care specialists, after school Nannies and Nannies for occasional school training days. We even have Nannies on call to look after children that are sick and unable to attend school.

We also offer overnight and or emergency back up care. You can use our childcare services in South Palm Beach, Florida at a moments notice if need be. This is something we specialize in. We are able to dispatch Nannies in just a few moments after receiving your call. Nanny Poppinz of South Palm Beach takes great pride in meeting the needs of our Nanny Poppinz families who live in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, West Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Gulf Stream, and West Boca Raton, and Boca Raton with our Nannies in South Palm Beach.

You can be certain that our expectation and standards of and for our Nannies in South Palm Beach is high....and we wouldn't have it any other way! Our Nannies are CPR (or be certified within 30 days of hire for permanent referrals), First-aid, and AED trained in the monthly classes that we also offer free to our families in South Palm Beach. They have a minimum of three years verifiable references, are legal to work in the country, and speak English (some are bi-lingual).

Each nanny that applies at Nanny Poppinz, must first undergo a personal interview; a full criminal background check and screening for driving history, verification of past employment, legal status verification and their names are cleared from a sexual offender database. Our Nannies must also have at least 3 years plus experience. Each Nanny that meets the standards of a Nanny Poppinz Nanny, must then (if not currently complete) become CPR (or be certified within 30 days of hire for permanent referrals) and First Aid and AED Certified before accepting a position with a Palm Beach family. With such extensive screening, we attract a variety of qualified Nannies with diverse backgrounds.

When you call us, we listen to your schedule, personality, description of what you and your children might like, language and education requirements and we also help you decide if you will need a Nanny for a full-time, part-time or temporary position. We then send you our carefully selected candidates to interview with you at a time and date that you choose. Another way we customize our service is by sending Nanny candidates who can work anywhere from one evening up to a full-time live-in and everything in between like an after school Nanny or a part time Nanny for two to three days a week. Whatever the family needs, whether it is short-term like a summer Nanny, or long-term like a permanent part time or full time Nanny, we find Nanny candidates for our families to interview. Every family has unique childcare needs or problems, and at Nanny Poppinz we aim to be the SOLUTION.

Now that all of the tough work has been carefully and tediously completed by our specialized family service representatives that work personally with you, you can now have a variety of quality Nannies from which to choose. When you do choose a Nanny, however, our service is still not finished. Should you choose a Nanny that does not work well with your family dynamic, Nanny Poppinz will provide an opportunity for you to interview other Nannies and your replacement will be offered without agency fees if hired within 6 months after the first hire. This guarantee allows an opportunity for you to decide if the Nanny you chose is right for your family, and if not, you can rest assure that Nanny Poppinz will find the right fit for you.

Our mission, again, is to serve you. We not only provide our services to prominent resorts in South Palm Beach County, such as The Breakers on Palm Beach Island, The Boca Club & Resort, and the Marriott of Palm Beach Gardens, we also extend our hands to the community. This summer, we will be launching our first Nanny Support Group that will be offered free to Nannies in the area that want to know better techniques and new activities to organize for the children in their families. We are also working with the groups of Palm Beach County from Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens to Wellington, Delray Beach and Boca Raton to provide free CPR & First Aid classes to their members.

Nanny and Family Free CPR Classes: CPR Classes are held on the second Saturday of the month from 9AM to 1PM at:

Lutheran Ministry in Christ
10021 W Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065

OPEN Enrollment - ALL Welcome Register by calling 954-889-5205, Press 4 to leave a message.

Prospective Nanny Interviews: Nanny Interviews will be conducted by Candace. Call her at 954-366-6536 to schedule an interview.

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