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Nanny Poppinz™ of Detroit - Livingston County Michigan

Providing Stadium Childcare for the Detroit Pistons and All of Southeast Michican

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Nanny Poppinz is A 23/24 Company. 23 Years Old and 24 Thousand Happy Families!!

Nanny Poppinz mission, as the leading Nanny child care service provider in Livingston County, and the Detroit Michigan area, is to recruit, evaluate, and refer the finest quality Nanny to each of our Detroit area clients. It is thrilling to offer Detroit parents another child care option that they may not have considered before. Nanny Poppinz, the number one Nanny Agency in Livingston County, understands that child care needs don't just happen from 9 AM to 5 PM; therefore, we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service to the Metro Detroit area.

Nanny Poppinz will match the unique needs and expectations of your family with your qualified Detroit area Nanny, then schedule for you to interview each Nanny at no upfront cost. Once a confirmed match is made you will be charged a referral fee. Our intent is to give you peace of mind with your Nanny childcare selection so you can work, travel, entertain, or just have some fun while your children are receiving the loving child care they deserve and you desire. If you need a childcare provider in Livingston County or the Detroit Michigan area just give us a call. Nanny Poppinz also provides corporate childcare and at present is providing stadium child care for YOUR Detroit Pistons, the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, Florida Panthers and Miami Marlins.

Nanny Poppinz's plan is for Nanny Poppinz of Livingston County to serve the Metro Detroit area and all of Southeastern Michigan and to provide the Nanny childcare service that best serves the area. We look forward to helping the Detroit community meet the childcare demand caused by the increase in dual income and single parent households, the threat and fear of illness in the traditional daycare center, and the logistical challenges that families face resulting in schedules that just don't fit traditional Detroit daycare and after-school programs. Detroit families choose Nannies to meet their childcare needs because of their scheduling flexibility, low ratio care for each child, and a safe at-home environment.

Give Nanny Poppinz a call and let us prove our passion for providing Detroit with quality child care. We are fully committed to meeting the unique needs of our Detroit area families and our Nannies 100% of the time. Referral fee discounts are available to Military and Law Enforcement families.


CPR, First Aid and AED training will be provided by Advantage First Aid. Please visit for a complete list of classes and locations. Then contact Advantage First Aid at (248)366-0776 to schedule and pay for your training. You must identify yourself as a Nanny Poppinz Nanny, using your promotional code, to receive our Nanny discount. Once Nanny Poppinz refers you as a permanent part-time or full-time Nanny, we will reimburse your training cost with the submission of your receipt.


For a Nanny interview appointment and location please call Trish at 248-705-1744..

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