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Nanny Poppinz Provides Stadium Child Care for YOUR Atlanta Braves and Hawks

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Atlanta Braves

Nanny Poppinz is a 23/24 Company. 23 Years Old and 24 Thousand Happy Families!!


Nanny Poppinz has earned the reputation of being a leading Nanny child care provider in Kennesaw and the greater Atlanta Georgia area. We follow a consistent process while recruiting and evaluating a Nanny, so that only the very best Atlanta child care professionals are referred to your family. Nanny Poppinz is providing Stadium Child Care for OUR Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks.

Our Nanny services are available to Atlanta around-the-clock. Our experience in child care has taught us that flexible service is the key feature that parents desire. For example, you may have to work late, travel suddenly or may need a Nanny for a child who has suddenly fallen sick. At Nanny Poppinz Atlanta Kennesaw, we are ready to respond to any childcare situation for you. Our aim is to provide Atlanta parents constant support, any time of the day or night.

Apart from the traditional full-time Nanny, you can also opt for:

  • A part-time Nanny,
  • A date-night Nanny/babysitter,
  • Post-partum new-born specialists or Baby Nurses,
  • Night new-born Nanny specialists,
  • Overnight or emergency Nanny care and
  • Corporate childcare solutions including onsite childcare and employee emergency childcare.

Families who use our childcare services in Atlanta Kennesaw, Georgia, are assured of a Nanny who is competent, trustworthy, caring and attentive to the needs of children. As we are a Nanny agency "Created by Moms for Moms", we especially identify with the anxious feelings of a mother for the welfare of their children in their absence. That's why we insist on making the right 'Nanny Match' for your family.

Nanny Poppinz reviews each prospective Nanny in Atlanta Kennesaw, keeping your needs in mind. Before selecting a Nanny for you to interview we evaluate the Nanny thoroughly and see that they match your requirements. We conduct extensive screening (including face-to-face interviews) before sending the Nanny to you for consideration. If you so desire we help you in making that crucial decision of choosing the most suitable Nanny.

Families who use Nanny Poppinz of Atlanta Kennesaw, Georgia can expect:

  • Careful evaluation of individual family requirements and referral of a qualified Nanny to meet every specific family's childcare need and schedule - whether it is for full or part time, live-in or out, permanent, temporary Nanny or even Corporate (Nanny Poppinz provides Nanny childcare for YOUR Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers and Miami Marlins).
  • An experienced Nanny with CPR and first aid training that is personally interviewed and screened by our agency personnel to meet our stringent requirements.
  • Thorough background checks and computer checks on every Nanny that is referred to a family.
  • No upfront costs until families have interviewed selected Nannies and a confirmed match with a Nanny is made, and only then will a referral fee be charged.
  • Loving, attentive care for your children from reliable Nannies who you can trust - so you can work, entertain, travel or have time to yourself with peace of mind.

Call Nanny Poppinz and say goodbye to all the hassles and anxiety associated with looking for a suitable Nanny in Kennesaw and the greater Atlanta Georgia area for your child. Call us now at (678) 608-2769 for all your childcare needs! Referral fee discounts are available to Military and Law Enforcement families.


Nanny CPR , First Aid and AED training will be provided by CPR With Mickey. Each Nanny can schedule their CPR course by calling for a reservation at 770-573-2448 or by going to the CPR With Mickey website Identify yourself as a Nanny Poppinz Nanny when you make the reservation (You will receive a discount). After the completion of the course and when you have been referred as a full or part time Nanny Poppinz Nanny you will need to send the course receipt to Nanny Poppinz and you will be reimbursed by Nanny Poppinz for your CPR training cost.


Please call Hamidah at 678-349-4790 for a Nanny interview.

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